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Become the hero, boost customer retention and smash your sales and retention targets.

Lucro fixes and automates your renewals, premium collection, lapse and active retention. We deliver up to 25% retention increase, fast and hands-free, allowing you to focus on acquiring and advising customers.

Lucro is a digital retention platform for P&C, Health, Savings and SME insurance segments. It is designed to support brokers by automating end-to-end all the manual and time-consuming tasks related to renewals and retention while keeping the broker always in front of the customer's mind. We provide a managed solution that is easy and fast to implement without upfront investments or technical knowledge.


Start increasing customer retention hands-free 


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Increasing customer retention hands-free

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We take care of the retention while you have full control over your portfolio

You select and decide on the portfolio and customers while we take care of the last mile of retention.


Lucro is a digital retention platform for brokers that automates and optimizes on your behalf customer communications, digital interactions, renewals, premium collection, payment and pro-active retention while keeping your broker brand and customer relationship top of the customer mind in every interaction.

Lucro is a single platform that you can use across multiple insurers, product lines and customer segments.

No need for technical expertise

Lucro is a fully managed digital retention solution that does not require technical expertise to implement or operate; we take care of it so you can focus on your customers.

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