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Increase  retention and profitability of your Financial and Insurance products portfolio

You select, decide and price; we make the renewals and retention happen fast and hands-free. 

Lucro automates and fixes the last mile of renewal, payment collection and product lapses. We automate active retention for your financial and insurance product portfolios, delivering an immediate impact on profitability so that you can focus on your most important work. 


Customer retention delivered 

01. Easy & Agile

Start retaining more customers in a matter of days without any development work on your end while you retain complete control on pricing, underwriting and selection. 

It is super easy to start using Lucro as it complements your existing process and systems without overheads. We take care of the rest.


Your customer won't even know that you are using Lucro as everything is white-labelled in line with your brand. 


Lucro supports FinTech recurring products and P&C, Health and Business Insurance and independently from the distribution channel and models. 

02. Cost-Effective

No upfront investment is required; you pay per retained revenue uplift.


You get immediate benefits and impact; additional customers retained on day one immediately contribute to the profitability. 

03. Secure

Our solution is designed and built from grounds-up to meet strict enterprise-level financial services security and compliance standards, including PCI DSS, GDPR, SOX etc. so you can enjoy the profitability and retention improvements worry-free.       

Delivering real benefits for your business  

Profitability Improvement

Improved retention up to 25% with immediate and lasting impact on profitability across FinTech subscription products and P&C, Health and Business Insurance portfolios.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Removing friction and optimizing processes drives immediate customer satisfaction and NPS uplift up to 3X.


Payment optimization engine delivers immediate savings in payment processing fees exceeding one million USD on annual basis.

How Lucro works

01. Select the portfolio and share the data

You decide on the portfolio and risk selection, pricing and underwriting on the customers upcoming for renewal, with upcoming payments or at risk of lapse.

You share the minimum set of customer and product data via mode you prefer, e.g. file upload, sFTP, API etc. 

team 1.png

02. Optimize and automate


We will analyze the data and apply advanced AI personalization and optimization models to maximize results, followed by launching multi-channel and multi-touchpoint customer communications.

All communications sent by us and used by your customers UI is white-labelled with your branding and information so customers get the best possible experience.

03. Customer completes the transaction

We actively drive and nudge customers to renew, make payments or retain via our optimized messaging and UI. 

We apply active retention and customer recovery at every step of the journey.


Customers interact, transact and pay via our platform and UI, but all the premium is settled directly to your bank so we do not have access to customer monies at any point.  


04. Share back results

product launch.png

We will share the transaction outcome and information with you, including customer data, collected payments, reconciled transactions, insights, etc.

We can push the data in near real-time via your prefered mode, e.g. API, sFTP, file download etc.


With the data, you can update your systems, complete the process and celebrate the increased retention.  

How it works



Lucro was created by a team of Financial Services and Technology executives that experienced first-hand the problem and had to fix the low customer retention, broken renewals and limitations posed by legacy systems and processes.

The team has hands-on experience in managing revenue and retention of large financial products portfolios, improving customer experience and developing large scale digital platforms across insurance, payments and e-commerce for Asian, US and European markets.


Financial Services customers should have the same experience as when using Netflix or Spotify. They shouldn't experience friction and pain when renewing. 

In the same way, advisors, brokers, agents, banks and affinity partners should access the same tools, strategies and best practices as leading digital subscription companies.

Lucro provides a one-stop platform and managed renewal and customer retention solution allowing financial services companies, brokers, agents, MGAs and affinity partners to automate retention operations and improve profitability.  ​


Lucro is a SaaS platform designed and built from grounds to meet the specific needs of financial institutions, brokers and agents, including security, compliance, scalability, support for multi-channel distribution requirements, ease of use and speed of implementation.

Lucro provides and automates the sophisticated, active conversion rate optimization capabilities and leading retention strategies covering communications and messaging, UI/UX, personalization, advanced AI and ML models and market intelligence data.

You select portfolio, decide and price the risk; we deliver the immediate lapse, renewal and retention uplift of up to 25% hands-free and without upfront investment.

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